Last week I did a staged shoot with a diving company. Every month we portrait a business in a strange manner for a Dutch magazine. We have complete freedom. Here we pictured a scene with divers coming out of the water and by bizarre accident land on a naturist beach. 

I had my eyes on the weather forecast for weeks. The day before and after the day after we supposed to shoot looked perfect. But on the day itself it was raining. The kind of rain that does go on and on and on. A light drizzle which will get you wet and cold to the bones. I decided to postpone the shoot. We couldn’t shoot the scene in that kind of weather. So when the whole crew arrived I said; I’am sorry but we have to cancel. We can’t shoot in rain.

Then one of the ladies said; what do you need? “Well, for starters my camera has to be dry, I replied”. ‘Will a big party-tent solve that?’ uhh, yes, of course, I stumbled. ‘we have one’ the lady spoke cocky. 

The fact that a hard deadline was coming up in a couple of days did speed up the matter. Everybody put their shoulders under it and we went on to work. In the process the girls even arranged a guy standing naked. Seriously, it was a jogger ;-) So, it all came down to me. I had to make magic, if this would work I had to be a creator of post processing sunlight and high temperatures.

The image is now ready to be send. I am very proud of it. I am very proud of us all. We challenged the weather gods and prevailed with the help of two ladies and a naked jogger….