About P.A

I was just one month old when mankind took his first step on the moon. Dreaming of other worlds was a big part of my childhood in suburbian Holland. I remember the jet fighters, from the nearby US Air Force base, coming in at the end of the day. Their lights cutting through fog and rain when descending, like extraterrestrial machines.

The way I looked at the world back then didn’t change when I grew up to be a photographer. It just evolved into me being obsessed in bringing this parallel universe into my images. The sense that something is off-beat, or just playing with the space in the mind of the beholder, ensures my inspiration.

Trying to capture the inner world of a high profile designer for carmaker Audi or creating a dreamworld for JWT in London, keeps me playing in this field of joy. It’s worlds that are intangible and open to interpretation that keep me inspired, drawing me in like a tractor-beam.